About Us

E-Prime is an Identification System that consists, on the one hand, in a labeling system that must be installed at the packer, which records all labeled kilos of the protected product and prints the regularized labels permitted by the protected product. On the other hand, E-Prime consists in a web site from where the Control Entity of the protected product controls in real time the labeled kilos printed by all packers.

The aim of the web site is to provide the packer and the Control Entity with information relating to the printings that have been made using the E-Prime labeling system through several reports. Web

So, the objective of the E-Prime labeling system is to allow the packer to print out the amount of stickers permitted by the Protected Variety patent. Software etiquetado

All kilo transactions registered in E-Prime labeling system are automatically communicated to the central system via the Internet. Consequently, the Control Entity receives real time information concerning the number of kilos consumed and printed labels by the packer. In addition to this, there are some series of alerts, which are triggered in the case of irregularities and send them to the Control Entity by e-mail.

E-Prime system is based on the collection and processing of the complete information in a central database, managed and controlled through the web site. This central database is allocated and managed in a CPD by COLT TELECOM.