Licensed Growers

# Licensed Growers Company Export Company Variety Bridge Export Company
1 Khaled Hegazy Hegazy Farm Prime
2 Sherif Hegazy El-Hegaz Farm Prime El Roda
3 Mokhless Harraz Agro Star/NASMO Egyptian Fruit Export (EFE) Prime
4 Hamdy Fayed FATA FayedEX Prime
5 Magdy Mansour Technogreen NFC Prime
6 Mohamed Ragab Ragab Farms Prime
7 Alaa Diab PICO Prime
8 Waleed El Sayed Nile Drip Nile Farm Pime
9 Samy El Meihy El Meihy Farms Prime Freggies
10 Fakhry Tayel Fakhry Farms Prime WAFRA For Export and Agricultural Production
11 Bahaa Badawi Shorouk Land Prime
12 Moustafa Ahmed Al Khomassia Prime
13 Assem Abd El Hady Ibrahim Lotfy Farms Prime Global Fresh Group
14 Hisham El Meleigy AL Bostania Company for Agriculture Development Prime
15 Khaled Al-Anani Dakahlia for Agriculture Development Prime
16 Ahmed El Naggar Daltex Prime
17 Khaled Al Mazrouee Abu Dhabi for Agriculture Development-Sarahfruits Sarahfruits Prime Charipak
18 Ahmed Ezz El Marmar El Marmar Prime
19 Ahmed El Hodaiby Tradewaves Co. Prime
20 Karim El Hamawy Prime Green Egypt
21 Ibrahim Hegazy The Egyptian Company for Agricultural and livestock Projects S.A.E Green12 Prime
22 Ahmed Abdel Razek Premium Farm Prime
23 Emad Yacoub Nivex Prime
24 Ahmed El Aguizy MEAD Prime
25 Hammam El Malt Horticulture Development Company ORCHARD Prime Green Egypt
26 Hassan Zaher ITAMCO For Agriculture Development Prime
27 Sherief Kesseba Nile Valley Growers NVG Prime
28 Abdel Ghany Salama Quesna Company for Agriculture Development Green Farm Co. Prime
29 Mohamed Ibrahim Shoeb Agrosun For Export Prime
30 Khaled Awad Freggies Prime
31 Mohamed El Baroudy El Roda Company For Agriculture Development S.A.E Prime
32 Mamdouh El Baz WAFRA For Export and Agricultural Production Prime
33 Hussien Hassan Fresh All Green All Green Prime
34 Kerolos Atef Tadros Tkdanny Prime Nile Valley Growers
35 Salah Amer Novo Fruits Prime MEAD
El Saad Establishment for Export
Alex Farm